NON Berlin’s first CO LA BOR started with RL/LD, an architect collective formed by Rosalie Laurin and Laurent Dubuis. Since April, 2015 RL/LD have been working together at NON Berlin’s studio and in early June, introduced their process of work as part of the CO LA BOR program as an interim presentation/open studio. On July 16th, their final work will be shown at NON Berlin through exhibition ENTROPY.

Entropy is a spatial intervention aiming to blur the boundaries of a given environment. This immersive experience tries to give access to an ephemeral moment where perceptions are transgressed to offer a disconnection.

Entropy is a call for disorientation. It seeks to erase tangible limitations by tracing new architectural perspectives. It generates the idea of creating a space within a space; a micro-environment out of time, hidden within an existing space.

The installation is composed of 30 security fences (metal construction site barriers) – a banal daily product that speaks to the collective memory. The intention is to transpose this unexceptional and unremarkable element into the art space. The very simple geometry of the fences leads to its manipulation as a module. The installation is realized as a composition of fences offering an unexpected journey through the gallery space. Along the way, projectors create shadows, distorting the physical barriers on the floor and against the walls.

Both the composition and the lighting system partake in disturbing the perceptions by preventing the immediate understanding of the structure. First, the spatial organization of barriers – with the overlapping assembly forming a mass of tangled mesh— it becomes difficult to discern clearly how the elements are arranged in relation to one another. Secondly, the shadows blur the boundaries of the sculpture by distending, duplicating and multiplying the initial object, preventing the visitor to have a comprehensive vision of the structure.

In order to experience this disconnection and to feel this loss of bearings, the visitor is welcomed to walk along the fences, following the course created by their succession. The visitor is then able to observe the superposition of grids coming together in an infinite perspective, allowing an understanding of the complex volumes created by the spatial organization of the modules.

But more than an experience in space, Entropy tries to understand the relation between the body and its environment by exploring the connection between sound and space. Entropy wishes to develop a reflection around the body and the machine: the fusion between the flesh and the metal. It engages the thoughts in what is called “virtual reality” – in a world that is no longer based solely on “being”, but on the “possible”.

On a more conceptual aspect, Entropy is searching for non-existing boundaries, for ways to escape the city and the exterior world into a spatial, auditive and sensorial experience; it seeks to question the usual and the unusual, the functional and the irrational. It wishes to expand time and space, enabling the subject to escape the alienation of any context by guiding them across this heterotopic structure melted into obscure sounds and isolated noises.

is a studio residency project organized by NON Berlin which allows international artists to experiment, develop and create artworks as a collective group. The aim of CO LA BOR is to provide artists an affordable workplace and to introduce their work in Berlin. Through open calls, a selected group has an opportunity to work at NON Berlin and have a final exhibition in the end of the stay. Artists who work with sound, text ,video, photography, architecture, new media or performing arts are all welcomed to participate while it is important that they work as one collective during the residency period.

Rosalie Laurin & Laurent Dubuis are two recently graduated French architects currently relocated to Berlin. They have explored the field of experimental architecture, which aims at developing a non-standard architecture and exploring unknown horizons, a practice leading to fascinating spaces.

Rosalie Laurin (French) studied at Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris and at the National University of Singapore. She was awarded for the international competition of the Techno Parade Festival with the 2nd prize. She moved from theory to practice through futuristic thoughts at R&Sie(n)-Francois Roche in Paris to more ephemeral and esthetic designs at Hush Studios in New York where she worked for renowned brands such as Nike or Louis Vuitton. www.rosalielaurin.com

Laurent Dubuis (French-German) studied at Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris and at the University of Cincinnati. He was awarded an honorable Mention for [AC-CA]; the 3rd prize for Think Space – Ecological Borders; the 2nd prize for Construir’Acier 10 and the special mention for the 13th competition Architecture and Structure in Steel. In recent years, Laurent acted as project architect working on a variety of projects in different studios including Odile Decq in Paris, Labdora in New York, and Hybrid Space Lab in Berlin. www.laurent-dubuis.wix.com/site

Their research, through trans-disciplinary approaches, deals with different scales, seeking to expand the relation between physical spaces, artificial environments and the human body. Their latest study alludes to the relationship between architecture, space and sound.

Nina Pixel (Slovak) | female:pressure | Hertz | Kunst-Plattform

Nina’s music extends beyond the border of uncompromising ritual rhythms in endless sonic soundscapes and deep, dark techno. She purposefully deconstructs the soundscapes she creates in an effort to re-create deep stories flowing into acoustic space.

Thursday, 16. 07 . 7pm

July 16, 2015 8PM Collaboration with Nina Pixel

17.07 - 25.07.2015

an Architectural installation by Rosalie Laurin & Laurent Dubuis