CO LA BOR is a consecutive experimental project where individual artists gather under a common theme, researching their artistic praxis throughout the exhibition in an open platform. Displays of collaboration, developed or developing ideas, unfinished concepts and raw materials allow for a surfacing of not only own themes and methods but also contradictions and disturbance across a body of work. For 7 consecutive days, laboratory CO LA BOR opens their door enabling visitors to witness the artists’ experiments and the daily changes of works. Visitors are therefore able to take part in analyzing or exchanging dialogues with the artists.

The shape and size of the ball represents the character of the person. 
I would go about interviewing people of various ages from different backgrounds and cultures, and from what they tell me about their daily lives, dreams, and memories both delightful and painful, create glittering individualised balls.
They would then be assembled together in a space and set in motion at different speeds and orbits. The reflections of the multi-facetted balls would create an unrepeatable, ever-changing pattern as they move around the space, reflecting each other and the visitors in the room.


He now made out on the larger bottle the words “Solar Back Rays”; and on the other one, after some doubt, he thought that he could distinguish something like “Arcturian Back Rays.”
He looked up, to stare curiously at his friend. “Have you been here before, Nightspore?”
“I guessed Krag would leave a message.”
“Well, I don’t know — it may be a message, but it means nothing to us, or at all events to me.
“What are ‘back rays’?”
“Light that goes back to its source,” muttered Nightspore.
“And what kind of light would that be?”
Nightspore seemed unwilling to answer, but, finding Maskull’s eyes still fixed on him, he brought out:
“Unless light pulled, as well as pushed, how would flowers contrive to twist their heads around after the sun?”

Voyage to arcturus by Dyavid Lindsay
chapter3 : Starkness

Chaan Choi

Friday, March 06, 7pm

Friday, March 13

March 07 - 12

NON Berlin

Jinwoo Yang, SINN, Chaan Choi