Glocal perspectives on Independent Cultural Production

Chapter #1: Korea / Berlin – ‘[The Grammar of the Independent Art Scene]

Art Spaces Berlin / Korea’ is a comparative research study and a dialogue initiated by Asia contemporary art platform NON Berlin and Berlinerpool Arts Network with 14 independent art spaces, artist residencies, art collectives and art archives invited from Berlin and Korea. The word ‘grammar’ here signifies the “rules of relationship between elements that make meaning possible, communicative and interactive”.

Glocal Perspectives on Independent Cultural Production

As a comparative research study, Asia contemporary art platform NON Berlin and Berlinerpool Arts Network wishes to activate a cultural route for the exchange of projects, people, knowledge and resources. By focusing on independent art spaces from different cities, we want to facilitate a sustainable collaboration among them, establish partnerships, share curatorial perspectives and support strategies for survival in the precarious ecology of the independent cultural production.

The Grammatical Approach

To compare the 14 art spaces, NON Berlin and Berlinerpool take a grammatical approach first by analyzing elements such as the dynamics, foundational backgrounds, project initiatives, decision making process, etc. The analysis is then made into sentences in a structure with the 14 spaces as subjects or nouns followed by the verbs and predicates which are formulated accordingly to their motivation, mission, vision, program and approach.

In the exhibition, the outcome of the research is visualized showing the grammar of the independent art spaces based on a timeline of their foundation, dynamics, historic events and projects. The endeavors and formats realized and developed by these organizations have put together a whole vocabulary inextricably linked with the identity of the areas where they operate. This exhibition initiates to make the invisible common/uncommon keywords among the spaces “visible,” and most importantly, to open channels for the independent art spaces to communicate and interact.

Participating Art Spaces

Korea I Gallery LOOP I community space LITMUS I Artspace HUE I O’NewWall I i-Gong I openspace BAE I artspace Purl

Berlin I LAGE EGAL I Spor Klübü I Meinblau I Errant bodies I District Berlin I Pavilon am Milchhof I L’Atelier-ksr

7pm, August 28, 2014Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

7pm, September 2, 2014

August 29 - September 2

NON Berlin

NON Berlin Berlinerpool Arts Network

Koreanisches Kulturzentrum Berlin