Group Show : Waiting Room

The group exhibition ‘Waiting Room’ by the seven artists Meltem Rukiye Calisir, Manutcher Milani, Mauro Ventura, Lukas Stoever, Nicolas Endlicher, Cem Dukkha and Jiin Jeong, takes as its starting point the Buddhist notion of patience, a state merging the past and future into the present moment and triggering awareness. This deeper consciousness is reflected both digitally and organically which will be expressed as painting, sculpture, installation, media art, and performance art in NON Berlin with equal attention embedded in the spatial aesthetics of the Meinblau Projektraum.

The exhibition takes as its point of departure the seven emerging artists mainly based in Berlin, depending on their experimental viewpoint on the scene will suggest a different but fresh perspective from the usual.

Based on this cognisance, the language of seven artists will ask the question through the 'Waiting Room' how can that which is the unknown affect that which is now? The answers from them will visualize the hyperaware state of patience, taking as their inspiration concepts such as memory cards primed for data loading and the transcendental nature of ancient bodies, which transport and kill culture by leaving and erasing traces on its print. Explorations are taken into ways we evoke simultaneously the past and future, for instance, the transportive characteristics of hallucigenia. The Waiting Room becomes a limbo time sustainer where we are confronted with a virtual idea of ancestry and purgatory of existential sigils.

Additionally, as part of the external event on the opening, there will be a performance ‘Forma’. It is a performative installation amplifying visual works by Mauro Ventura, with sound composition by Cem Dukkha and spoken words by Gertrūda Gilytė. The performance and movement aspect of the work is curated, choreographed, and performed by Kiani Del Valle. The work combines Del Valle’s Anthropological practice of the human body, juxtaposed with Ventura’s unique research in ancient languages, and occult ritualistic ceremonies. Both Ventura & Del Valle perform in the work in collaboration with 6 performers with similar approaches to their independent work. FORMA, further than performative installation, also becomes a sonic experience where the music and the bodies converse with each other and inform each other's movement, direction, position and behaviour. The aftermath of the performance becomes an installation, exhibiting the action base works in conjunction with the sculptures from Meltem Rukiye Calisir as well.

‘Forma’ aims to collect and archive human body prints and their extensions in a ceremony that considers new narratives according to each place where it’s performed. The narrative occupies politics or a system of beliefs that may vary to fit the local site and the performers in the cause. In this specific hard place where we are, we have decided to give priority and integrate Ukrainian performers, amplifying their bodies and their causes.

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Thursday, 14 April 2022, 7 pm

Mauro Ventura & Kiani Del Valle present ‘Forma’
with Cem Dukkha and Gertrūda Gilytė
: Thursday, 14 April 2022, 8 pm

Duration: 15 April – 24 April 2022
Opening Hours: Thursday – Sunday, 2 – 7 pm

Meltem Rukiye Calisir, Manutcher Milani, Mauro Ventura, Lukas Stöver, Nicolas Endlicher, Cem Dukkha, Jiin Jeong

NON Berlin

Jiin Jeong, Mauro Ventura

Orlando Rodriguez

Project Management
Jiin Jeong