Linguistic Atlas

The Exhibition of “Linguistic Atlas” is composed of works related to language and involves the participation of others. In many cases, the works focus on the daily life or custom of someone else, and I leave the making of my own work to others. The participants mainly make use of language as a means of expressing their intention, emotion, and perception.
In recent years, I have been employing onomatopoeia, the linguistic expression that imitates sound, as the central theme of works in my practice. The French word onomatopée comes from the ancient Greek word ὀνοµατοποιία, connoting “the creation of words” and I believe that anyone can participate in such a creation process. The purpose of my activities is to bring out the latent potential within participants to create “sounds” with their own language, and in order to get the maximum result, I often leave the process of imitating sounds to the participants. Through my practice, working collectively with people from different linguistic backgrounds, I attempt to make sounds into palpable forms. I hope that my practice will create a field where people realize that the perceptions of sound can differ based on their personal experiences and cultural backgrounds.
In this exhibition, along with the work mentioned above, other works will focus also on “written” and/or “spoken” words extracted from everyday conversation and printed matter. With these words, I seek to develop new works that evoke the historical context or social phenomena reflective of our present.
The title “Linguistic Atlas” refers to a linguistic distribution table of the world. It will also be a clue towards understanding the world situation.
An ethnic group or ethnicity is defined as a category of people who identify with each other based on cultural features. Language is one such feature; we can glimpse the course of our history till now by the present usage of the language in each region or country.
The current world situation is chaotic, due to the complex relationship between countries, and ethnic and religious differences. It is important for us to consider and share languages and cultures that others and we have cultivated.
Through the concept of multilingual and multicultural coexistence as an exhibition theme, I wish to create a new relationship among us. It is one where regardless of minorities, social superiority or inferiority, there is an acceptance of cultural differences and value for each other.

Atsushi Fukunaga

Thursday 14.04.2016 7pm

14.04 - 18.04 2016

Atsushi Fukunaga