‘NONNON DADA 論論多多 #3 Tada da da da da‘
A performance series of our lecture program NON論DA多{play}

‘Tada’ is a word that comes from my mother’s language, Bikol. It means ‘leftovers’ or ‘left behind,’ but left behind with consciousness. With good intention. With a purpose. The idea of this performance is to create a situation for people to encounter with each other. It is to create an open space, a space where people can express their desires. The space is a social sculpture, a living room or a heimatstube where there is improvisation, talks, songs and friendship.

Pepe Dayaw

‘Pepe Dayaw’ is a work-in-progress. In this work lies a blend of folklores, precarious technologies and funky improvisations whose mission is to research and choreograph living designs and sociality. Formally educated at the University of the Philippines, University of Amsterdam, University of Warwick, the National Museum of Reina Sofia Madrid and the Kaloob Philippine Music and Dance Ministry, Pepe performs, having trained in several dance disciplines such as pangalay and butoh, a self-taught chef, polyglot and masseur; and a professional karaoke singer. Born in Manila and grew up everywhere, Pepe is a leftover of past lives that get renewed each time he performs. He started cooking out of nostalgia for island tropical memories and has since been utilising this practice as a research tool for rehearsing emergent democracies through a design lab that he founded called Nowhere Kitchen.

Image credit:
Pepe Dayaw|Photo by Augustin Pilarte ©

︎ NON論DA多
Time & Date
7 pm, Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Pepe Dayaw

NON Berlin