Lecture program NON論DA多{play}#14 Toielt People‘

…Black comedy pinching out the hegemony of America and contradictory social system of South Korea on the matter of refugee…

As a head of psychotherapy center, Young consults North Korean young defectors and prepares for government funds in order to support them. However, he figures out the boat that they used was not just an ordinary one, but floating toilet, made out of mysterious material. This ‘toilet’ is sent to North Korean by handbills, and called as ‘Toilet Boat’. According to the manual description, this device contains the heater bag and in case of storm it has special function of safety mode, so it can fly like UFO. North Koreans who put naïve faith on this ridiculous device lost their lives in cold ocean or face the secretive difficulty in South Korea. Young tries his best to figure out the conspiracy and secret beyond ‘toilet boat’, however, the testimony of young North Korean kids riddles him in between reality and myth they creates…

Yeo-Jin Lee

Lee debuted in 2011, currently involves in field of Korean theater as play writer, preparing her path as a drama theology researcher as well as being in Ph. D program. She is definitely considered as one of younger writer in thirties with prolific action in Seoul(Korea)’s theatrical field. Producing seven pieces on stage since her first debut, during six years, she had played her role passionately as writer.

The significant characteristic of her play is based on the form of black comedy, sci-fi allegorism (Quantum mechanical reasoning) or modified epic theater, in order to satirize and emphasize the dexterous system of our society. Taking the social issue with gravity, but still, she seeks to write in novel motifs and transformation from classical play script. Her current focus lies on the issue of refugee, social division, wars, political corruption, and the way that discrepant system of Korean government deals with those contestations.

Young / Clemens William Fischer
June / Kristina Francisco
Hann1 / Hoyoung IM
Hann2 / EunSeo Lee
Hann3 / Gi Zueong Lee

special thanks to Maria, Devin and Aron

︎ NON論DA多
Time & Date
7 pm, Monday, June 19, 2017

Yeo-jin Lee

So Young Kim
Theatrical Company, Elephantmanbo

Organisation and Supporter
NON Berlin