NON Berlin invites the Padawan, Nazreen Abraham Stein on behalf of Minut Init for the video series, “HIKAYAT NUSANTARA”. He will introduce three video artworks from the artists; Iwan Wijono (Indonesia), Emir Ezwan and Zam Nayan (Malaysia) , followed by ‘Init, Minut’ story telling session.

Nusantara means “islands in between”, from nūsa, meaning ‘island’ and antara, “between”. In the ancient Javanese civilization of Majapahit, “Nusantara” are the colonies that still pays tribute to the monarchy but enjoys substantial autonomy and internal freedom. In the modern times, Nusantara has been corrupted and reused to categorize the Malay world or Indonesian Archipelago often trying to reunite their perspective races in a common celebration of their traditions. Nusantara is constantly debated among the two nations on the true source of the cultural commonalities that the truth of Benua Sunda often overlooked. “Benua Sunda” or Sunda Shelf is the part of the Asian continental shelf that was exposed during the last glacial period of the Pleistocene Era which encompass from the South East Asia in a single land mass. There is a common folklore shared among the Austronesian traditions of the sinking of the Sundaland, an advanced ancient Ice Age civilization that often credited as the source of the Atlantis mythology. Nusantara is the land that bridges these Islands and unites these maritime civilizations in a single echo of the ancient Sundaland.

“HIKAYAT NUSANTARA” is an an art project that has been created by Nazreen Abraham Stein to provide a platform on which local counter-cultural creatives can explore, revisit and revive the heritage of Nusantara in a brand new perspective. The videos showcased in “Hikayat Nusantara” will presents to the audience members a glimpse of the lost cultures of Indonesian and Malaya Archipelago through the artists exploration and expression of Nusantara. The aim is to promote a better understanding of our national identity and present to the public The Newsantara (New Nusantara) Art Movement whose goal is to revitalize the heritage of Nusantara and Benua Sunda in a counter-culture context and add contemporary layers to the mythos.

Screening and Discussion (15 mins)

//RM10// – Emir Ezwan
Movie Screening and Discussion (15 mins)

//Circle// – Zam Nayan & Vix Chandra
Music Video Screening and Discussion (5 mins)

//Init, Minut// – Nazreen Abraham Stein & Minut Init
Story Telling Session with Videos and Performance Art (60 mins)

Q & A Session (with a mixtape by CT Selecta)

Nazreen Abraham Stein

Nazreen Abraham Stein was the first apprentice of Minut Init. Since connecting with Dali in early 2011 he found a haven in the counter-culture hub, Minut Init Art Social. Minut Init is a collective art project dedicated to cultivating interaction between art and society and promoting the diversification of the artistic climate in Malaysia. The aim is to redefine perceptions towards contemporary art and encourage discussion of aesthetic and politics.  Minut Init represents a pocket universe where the possibilities are endless and unpredictability a basis of everyday life. During his time with Minut Init Art Social he has developed considerable skill in conversing, connecting and exchanging culture with international creative minds. He is a multi-disciplinary creative agent and has help curate, organize and manage countless events and exhibitions.

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Time & Date
7 pm, Thursday, July 6, 2017

Nazreen Abraham Stein
Iwan Wijono
Emir Ezwan
Zam Nayan

NON Berlin