“BACH 160”

„The BACH 160!“ is a musical performance and documentation of the music theater <BACH Yu Ram Gi> and will be reconstructed at NON Berlin’s white cube after being presented at a black box of the Lofft Theatre in Leipzig (26-29, March).

Distance between the performers and audience, light reflection, music, costumes and even communication methods are newly constructed at NON Berlin, focusing on the difference of time and space that exists at a theater and gallery.

Performance / 7pm, April 09

Scene 1 Prelude  – an experimental collaboration of traditional Korean music and Jazz. Bach Yuramgi´s motive by Philipp Rumsch (Musical direction : BACH Yuramgi ), musicians & guests

Scene 2  BACH Yu Ram Gi  – Presentation by the director

Scene 3  Finale BACH 160

Documentation & Installation /  1 – 6 pm, April 10-11

Following the opening performance <BACH Yu Ram Gi>, a documentary including interviews about Bach with citizens of Leipzig, Germany and Gwangju, Korea will be shown. The film had its premier in Leipzig earlier before and in Berlin. Installation works inspired by the <BACH Yu Ram Gi> will be displayed.

NON論DA多{PLAY} is a lecture program introduced by NON Berlin where Inter-media artists and their guests have opportunities to present their art work and own perspectives to share with the audience.

︎ NON論DA多
7pm, Thursday, April 09, 2015
Documentation & Installation
1 – 6pm, Fri-Sat, April 10-11, 2015

directed by LEE Soo-eun

LEE Soo-eun, SONG Joo-won

Min-hyung Kang

Hyojin Shin
Bosung Kim

(Korean percussion instrument)
Philipp Rumsch

(electronic piano)
Peter Ehwald