Red Monky is a series of performances dealing with the relationship between sound and movement in improvisation. It questions how boundaries between these two mediums can be blurred and/or refined, by opening up to other mediums like light design, film or text – or – more simply by exchanging practices and experimenting with them over time. or this purpose only professional multitasking artists are involved who touch both mediums themselves or have another speciality on the side which they can place in resonance with their sonic or physical practice.
The regularity of the rehearsals and the performances is a very relevant aspect of this series for the artists involved. Firstly because rehearsals are usually, in our own experience, lacking in improvisation. Most artists spontaneously meet and play shows, discovering as they go what is being created. Regularity and repetition provides a chance to build trust and constructive collaborations between the artists – it gives time and space for artist’s to focus on how each other function and how their practices relate to each other. Red Monky wants to keep the spontaneous quality of improvisation, and pair it with regular and repetitive meetings, focused discussions and feedbacks – a deepening, exchange process – in order to research new forms of improvisation.

Miriam Siebenstädt
Manon Parent
Su-Mi Jang

NON論DA多{PLAY} is a lecture program introduced by NON Berlin where Inter-media artists and their guests have opportunities to present their art work and own perspectives to share with the audience.

Photography by Hanju Kim

︎ NON論DA多
7pm, Monday, June 20, 2016

Miriam Siebenstädt (saxophones/zither/objects) DE
Manon Parent (violin/movement) FR
Sunniva Vikør Egenes (movement) NO
Su-Mi Jang (movement/voice) KR