For the Project Space Festival 2016, NON Berlin invites performer Su-Mi Jang for our inter-media lecture program NONDA{PLAY} #7. Jang tries to explore and break the social norms of screaming in modern culture through her project love! The hidden voice.

Considered a deviant behaviour in many societies, there are stereotypes towards screaming/shouting women or men. Su-Mi Jang comes from Korea, where women were told(and still are) not to raise their voices whilst in the case of men, it is generously accepted for expressing authority and masculine power. Su-Mi’s ‘scream’ comes from her struggle of identity in terms of race, gender and age after relocating to Germany 16 years ago. love! The hidden voice is a project questioning why this anti-social behaviour is a taboo in most cultures and whether this primitive way of communication can be re-viewed in our modern society as something more affirmative.

At NONDA{PLAY} #7, performer Su-Mi Jang, sound artist Miriam Siebenstädt and Spatial designer Jae Kyung Kim collaborate for the Project Space Festival.

Using the voice and sounds from objects, performers Su-Mi Jang and Miriam Siebenstädt play with the common clichés we have towards the act of screaming. Through her voice and body, Su-Mi Jang uses screaming as a material to express emotions, let her voice be heard and to observe how the audience reflect the performance. Miriam Siebenstädt participates in creating sound, this time playing only with objects instead of instruments. The performers choose objects that are typically not seen as instruments. In fact, most of the time these objects are hidden or neglected, only to be used for particular purposes. In this project, the voices of objects tell a different story from what they ‘normally’ are. For love! The hidden voice, Jae Kyung Kim arranges the objects and designs the set to maximise the effect of the performance, not only for the performers ‘to play’ but also for the audience to immerse in the project.

love! The hidden voice

Su-Mi Jang
Performance /
Su-Mi Jang (South Korea) is a dancer, choreographer and performer living and working in Thun(Switzerand) and Berlin(Germany). In 1996, she received her BFA in dance at Chungang University in Seoul(Korea) and MA for performing art & visual media and continued studying choreography & stage dance in Folkwang Hochschule Essen(Germany). Su-Mi Jang works in improvisational projects, movement research projects and body installation.  As a dancer, choreographer and performer, she worked with Hans-Werner Klohe, Lodopho Leoni, Joachim Schloemer, Philipp Eglie, Sasha Waltz, Theatre Freiburg Dance, Christoph Oertli and Thomas Jeker.

Miriam Siebenstädt
Sound art  /
Miriam Siebenstädt (*12 March 1972) is a multi-instrumentalist and improvisor from Berlin, Germany. During her study of saxophone in the Netherlands (2000-2006), she started to concentrate on improvised music. At this point she is playing in different projects as well as solo with the focus on minimalism, repetition, multiphonics, sound in itself, extreme dynamics, also free tonal improvisation and other extended techniques and preparations on her instruments (saxophones, clarinets, zither, electronics …) using those techniques to create atmospheres, varying moods… Furthermore she works in the field of dance / movement / performance and produces music for experimental films and videos.

Jae Kyung Kim
Spatial design /
Jae Kyung’s work aims to draw attention to the illusion of digital media that frames our experiential perception of space. Her works are informed by integrated processes of sculptural installation, visualisation and materiality, that she considers as an immersive experience between people, objects and space.

NON 論 DA 多 {PLAY} is a one-day inter-media lecture project that promotes the discourse of contemporary art in Asia and Europe. The idea encompasses the multiplicity of the word ‘nonda’ – in Chinese(論多) it can mean ‘to have various discussions’, and in Korean(논다) it means ‘playing’ or ‘to play’. Since 2014, NON 論 DA 多 {PLAY} has formed a platform for a diverse and innovative community through various forms – an interplay of sound, movement and vision. NON Berlin’s six previous NON 論 DA 多 {PLAY} projects can be viewed through website [].

︎ NON論DA多
7pm, Saturday, August 13, 2016

ARTISTS Su-Mi JangMiriam SiebenstädtJae Kyung Kim