* ‘NON論DA多{play} #8 Network Study XIII‘ is a lecture-performance and presents at NON Berlin as part of the exhibition ‘Dual-Use‘ and Transmediale & CTM Vorspiel 2017 programme.

Network Ensemble is a London-based electronic data-noise duo. Active since 2015, Network Ensemble takes different forms. Whether a tool, an exhibit, or a performance, Network Ensemble sets to sonically explore the invisible territory of the wireless network that exists in-between offline and online experiences of space.
Network Ensemble treats networks as a man-made natural force with its own nature and accompanying mystique. Responding to this force, the Ensemble collects the invisible, airborne communications infrastructure and brings it into the realm of human perception through sound.

NON 論 DA 多 {PLAY} is a one-day inter-media lecture project that promotes the discourse of contemporary art in Asia and Europe. The idea encompasses the multiplicity of the word ‘nonda’ – in Chinese(論多) it can mean ‘to have various discussions’, and in Korean(논다) it means ‘playing’ or ‘to play’. Since 2014, NON 論 DA 多 {PLAY} has formed a platform for a diverse and innovative community through various forms – an interplay of sound, movement and vision. NON Berlin’s six previous NON 論 DA 多 {PLAY} projects can be viewed through the website [].

︎ NON論DA多
Time & Date
7 pm, Friday, February 10, 2017

Network Ensemble

Jae Kyung Kim